Given his own series by ITV in 1969/1970 called simply “Cribbins”, he was solemn in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, jealous in Wycherley’s “The Country Wife” and silly in Eric Sykes’s The Plank. He was also a regular in Coronation Street in 2003.

Bernard Cribbins and David Tennant at the National Television Awards 2010

Dr Who

Bernard is Dr Who royalty; The Doctor’s assistant in the second of the Dr Who films, made between the first and second incarnations of the BBC TV series, Dalek’s Invasion Earth 2150 AD. He was also the assistant’s grandfather in the David Tennent embodiment between 2008 and 2010.

He was the only actor to star opposite three different versions of The Doctor in three different platforms: with Paul McGann on the radio in ‘The Horror of Glam Rock’, in the 1966 film ‘Daleks: Invasion Earth – 2150 AD’ with Peter Cushing and four decades years later with David Tennant on the television, in some of Tennant’s final episodes as the Time Lord.

And Bernard’s involvement in the franchise isn’t over. His last television performance will be in a Dr Who special, penned to air in November 2023.